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Rufus Mobile PA Systems…Seriously Good Value!!

Just arrived into stock are the new Rufus Mobile PA Systems from CMC Audio. These are compact  powered speakers which really pack a punch! Available in three sizes with power output from 50W to 80W, the Rufus is a complete mobile PA system in one box!
The system includes 2 wireless radio mics-1 hand held VHF microphone and 1 headset VHF microphone with volume on the transmitter box and remote control for the media player .
It is packed with a powerful 50 watt or 80 Watt D Class amplifier which makes it lighter and more powerful with excellent quality sound and no distortion.
The Rufus speaker also features a media player with display, Bluetooth, radio, recording to USB/ SD card, 3 inputs , echo, rechargeable battery and mains and it can be mounted on a speaker stand.
These mobile PA systems are ideal for use in schools, halls, dance classes or even for outdoor events.

The Rufus Mobile PA Systems are brilliant value too from just €199.95 for the Rufus 8 (50 Watt) €249.95 for the Rufus 10 (50 Watt)  and €345.00 for the |Rufus 12 (80 Watt). Great quality sound at a great price!!