2019 RIAM Piano Album Grade 1


The 2019 Piano Album for Grade 1 for RIAM local centres and schools.

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The 2019 Piano Album Grade 1 for Royal Irish Academy of Music Local Centres and Schools containing pieces for Grade 1.
The 2019 Piano Album Grade 1 includes the following pieces from which candidates must prepare any three pieces:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Allegro in B flat
Bernard Geary – Morning Bounce
Cuthbert Harris – The Gypsies
Christian Petzold – Menuet in G (BWV Anh II 114)
Réamonn Keary – Cello Melody
Cornelius Gurlitt – Scherzo
For aural test and sight reading requirements please consult the RIAM Local Centre Keyboard Syllabus.
Please refer to the RIAM teaching and Learning Network website for updates and information relevant to the local centre.