Boherlahan – Dualla Historical Journal 2014


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Boherlahan – Dualla Historical Journal 2014 is the 17th issue of this Journal.nnnnThere is a wide range of articles from across the parish, however with the best will in the world, pockets of the parish remain virgin territory for research and recording. Each townland has its own history and story  but it requires an individual or individuals living in that area to tap into the uniqueness of its people, placenames, folklore and history. The Society responsible for the publishing of the book is throwing out the challenge of rectifying this oversight.nnnnWith many articles including coverage of the centenary decade of commemorations and the Brian Ború festivities, this book is striving to protect and conserve the unique heritage of the area.nnnnIn the Boherlahan – Dualla Historical Journal 2014, importance is also put on the historical value and preservation of the buildings and ancient settlements in the area particularly with the development and modernisation in the area.