Boherlahan-Dualla Historical Journal 2019

The 22nd issue of the Boherlahan-Dualla Historical Journal from 2019, where you will discover new information about the parish and add to your understanding of its history, heritage and culture.




The Nodstown Proclamation, 23 February 1919: Aidan Ó Gormáin

The Bog Road: A Treacherous Route Way: Paddy O’Dwyer

Ballydine: Peter Meskell

The Great War: A Long Way from Tipperary, Part Five: Tom Ryan

‘A Valuable Property’: The Smith-Barry Cashel Estate, Part Nineteen: Denis G. Marnane

Suir Rapparees, 1911 -14: Jim Meskell

Camus Police Barracks: Mary Taylor

From St. Patrick’s Rock of Cashel to St. Bernard’s, Watertown, Wisconsin, USA: Jim Mulligan

A Leisurely Walk Along the Banks of the River Suir: John G. O’Dwyer

Memories of a Nineteen Fifties Altar Boy: Denis Ryan

Up the Hilly Road: Michael Sheridan

Nineteenth Century Tithes in Gaile Parish: John Maher

‘Murder Most Foul’: The Murder of Edmund Murphy at Ballinamona House on 14th May 1826: Alice McDermott

Moira and Aileen Philips of Gaile House: Mary Frances Darmody

The Clearances in Thurlesbeg, 1844 – 56: Fergus O’Dwyer

A Parish Link with the Áras: Maura O’Brien

Misfortune Strikes a Survivor of the Great War: John Walsh’s Story: Betty Gough

Of Parades and Patriotism: Security, Nationally and Locally, 1940-45: Marian Ryan

Childhood Memories of Growing Up in Gooldscross, Part Two: John Maxwell

The Twilight Years of Michael and Nancy Maher: Loreto Maher

The Gradual Radicalisation of Boherlahan-Dualla, 1917, Part Two: John J. Hassett

The Retrenched Lands of Ardmayle: Peter Meskell

A Selection of Photographs: Jim Meskell, among others.