Do You Remember?

Alice Taylor remembers her childhood home – the farm with all it’s tools and animals, and the farmhouse with its equipment for living, its daily challenges and constant hard work, but its comforts too.


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In Do You Remember?, the author describes how the cooking was done on the huge open fireplace, where the big black kettle hung permanently from the crane over the flames. Around the fire the family sat in the evenings, talking, knitting, going over the events of the day, saying the rosary. She tells of the sow being brought indoors to have her precious brood of bonhams. She recalls the faithful, beloved horses and their wonderfully varied outfits – a set of tackle for each job they did on the farm; the ritual of lighting the oil lamps, from the fancy one in the parlour to the tiny one under the Sacred heart picture; the excitement of threshing day and the satisfaction of a good harvest. She remembers the stations, the neighbors and later the local dancehall and cinema.nnnnA way of life long gone, with all its tools and varied jobs, lives on in the hearts of those who were formed by it. In Do You Remember?, the author celebrates that life with love.

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Alice Taylor