What the Doctor Saw


“Maurice Guéret is about the only Doctor I trust. His humanity is made bearable by a sharp edge, healthy cynicism and a real love for medicine”

-Brendan O’Connor, Host of RTE’s Saturday Night Show-

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What the Doctor Saw is a compendium of the best writings of Dr Maurice Gueret.

Over one hundred and forty published and unpublished pieces including columns on Medical Malapropisms, Execution by Hanging, Genital Retraction Syndrome, Honest Crisps, Rude Consultants, The Last Castrato, The Absurdity of Jogging, Men in Gardens, Papal Health, Irish Transsexuals, Tasers, Quacks, Cryogenics, Sigmund Freud’s Birthday, Dead Snooker Players, Traveller Health, Australian Medical Slang, Medical Senators, Health Fascism, the Iveagh Baths and much more.

What the Doctor Saw includes a previously unpublished piece about his grandfather, Dr William J. Coyne, Chief Psychiatrist at Ireland’s Central Mental Hospital. That’s him on the front cover, aboard Neddy the Asylum’s donkey.

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Dr Maurice Guéret