Easter Widows

Seven Irish Women Who Lived in the Shadow of the 1916 Rising


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Easter Widows is the account of how in one week in May 1916, seven Irish women became widows.nnnnKathleen, Maud, Lillie, Fanny, Agnes, Grace and Muriel came from diverse backgrounds, some from working-class families, others born into wealth and privilege. When they met their husbands they embarked on a very different lives; one married a lecturer, two others married soldiers, another a public servant. These men became leading figures in the armed rebellion against the British at Easter 1916 and issued a Proclamation setting up a Provisional Government of the Irish Republic.nnnnBut the Rising was defeated, and many of its leaders were arrested and hastily executed. Some of the widows broke under the strain of their experiences and Easter Widows tells of miscarriage and tragedy. Yet for another of the women, the execution of her estranged husband allowed her to return from self-imposed exile. Others among the widows emerged from the shadows to become women of status and power.nnnnEaster Widows is a human story told against the backdrop of the years of revolution in Ireland – the Rising, the War of Independence, the Civil War and the foundation of the Irish Free State.

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Sinéad McCoole