The Glorious Madness

‘I went to the war for no other reason than that I wanted to see what war was like, to get a gun, to see new countries and to feel a grown man’

– Gunner Tom Barry –


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From the Generals and field commanders through to the troopers and nurses on the front lines, the Irish served at every turn in the Great War.

They tore through the skies in flimsy biplanes. They soared across the seas in battleships. They charged across the tortured earth with bayonets fixed. They wrapped bandages and dabbed softly in the field hospitals. They prayed, they sang, they killed, they wept and they died.

Popular historian Turtle Bunbury is renowned for uncovering important forgotten stories from our past. In The Glorious Madness he reveals many never before heard tales of the Irish heroes and heroines whose lives coincided with one of the most brutal conflicts our world has ever known – including nuns, artists, sportsmen, poets, aristocrats, nationalists, nurses, clergymen and film directors.

By turns poignant, enlightening, whimsical and darkly comic, this is history as it should be – free wheeling and finely tuned to the rhythms of the human heart.

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Turtle Bunbury