Hairdressing Science


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The third edition of Hairdressing Science has been fully revised with the requirements of S/NVQ level 2 in hairdressing. It covers only those aspects of the science which are relevant to hairdressing, and integrates these with hairdressing topics.


  • Revised to be S/NVQ level 2 specific.
  • Emphasis placed on safer handling and use of chemicals and hairdressing appliances.
  • Includes end-of-chapter questions to check comprehension.
  • Includes list of common hairdressing chemicals and uses of each.
  • Glossary of the scientific and hairdressing terms used in this book has now been added.
  • Ideal text for NVQ/SVQ Hairdressing level 2.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Health and safety
1. The hairdresser – appearance and personal hygiene
2. The salon – healthy working conditions
3. Prevention of the spread of infection
4. Safety and first-aid
5. Electrical safety device
Part 2: Hair and hair growth
6. Hair
7. The scalp and hair growth
Part 3: Consultation and Diagnosis
8. Disorders of the scalp and hair
9. Hair condition
10. Deciding on a style and possible chemical processing
Part 4: Treatment and chemical processing
11. Conditioning treatments for the hair and scalp
12. Shampooing the hair
13. Setting and blow-drying
14. Permanent waving
15. Colouring hair
Part 5: Hairdressing for Afro clients
16. Afro hairdressing

Hairdressing Science is a prescribed text for students studying hairdressing at Templemore College Co.Tipperary

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Florence Openshaw


1995, 3rd Edition

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