Light Hearted Tales From the Watery Mall

The magical Watery Mall is a place in our deepest hearts, a place where we belong…

It’s all we hold or ever held dear, it’s heaven in our hearts…it’s home.


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Light Hearted Tales From the Watery Mall features places and names that anyone of a certain age who grew up in Thurles will remember fondly, – Fianna Road, The Mall, ‘Pinch a Peppers’ field, the Sportsfield, Lady’s Well, Dehreen, Puddin Lane, Kilroy’s, Delahunty’s Cinema, the Quarry and the Pike, O’Meara’s Minerals, Butler’s Island and of course the aforementioned Watery Mall.nnnnThese are the names that Thurles people can instantly identify with – whole childhoods were spent playing in these streets in those more innocent times. As the rhyme went, ” Up the Quarry and down the Pike, that’s the way to ride a bike”nnnnTom Ryan has been a freelance journalist and member of the National Union of Journalists for 35 years. He is a regular contributor of news, sport and features to the regional, national and British press. He has had poems, short stories, humorous essays and folklore features published in the Irish Independent, Evening Press, Irish Examiner and he has contributed to RTE Radio and the BBC.nnnnHe has also won many awards for poetry, and has had a number of plays staged by County Tipperary amateur groups.nnnn 

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