Modern Irish Essays and Reflections


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Modern Irish Essays and Reflections is a collection that promotes reflection in everyday life. The book explores the universal need for acceptance and the challenges that promote growth and awareness.nnnnThe author documents the experience of living in an adopted country and shares how it is possible to bridge cultural differences. Continuing the theme and style of her first book, The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant, we are invited to witness and share very personal experiences in the continuation of a life lived with influences from both sides of the Atlantic divide.nnnnThe questions the author poses are common to us all and provoke thought and discussion on what each of us ultimately values. Life and the joy found within is the only antidote to the finality of the death of a loved one. We see the author reevaluate her life after the death of both parents, and her writing invites us to join in the journey and recognize our own struggles along the way. The topics include education, cultural traditions, faith and family dynamics.nnnnUltimately the author challenges the reader to actively participate in their own lives and to accept fully the personal responsibility for a life with purpose. The author’s style allows for the perfect blending of the ordinary with the profound and encourages the reader to feel a personal connection to the words.

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Imelda Cummins-DeMelkon