The Mountainy Kennedys

Brian was writing some books on his family’s history in Ireland. He went to Ireland in person many times so that he could collect the truth. He took lots of pictures of his family’s ruins for his books. I knew that was extra hard work so I asked him what he wrote these books for, for money? For being well known? He answered “neither”. He told me lots of people of Kennedy family would like to know the history of the family. His book could help them know the history better. I think he is a person worthy of respect.

Xiao. Bejing, China




The first book on this subject – The Mountainy Kennedys – Tipperary Stayputs, identified Kennedys and related families who took to the mountain wilderness rather than transplant to the barren wastes of Connacht as dictated by Oliver Cromwell in 1652.
nAfter over 350 years the memories of the Mountainy Kennedys of their descent from the “Lords of Ormond” had faded. Their knowledge of the O’Kennedys from whom they may have descended was largely lost in the mists of time.
nOpportunities to link past and present have now become apparent. The establishment of the lines of descent of the Kennedy landholders from whom the Mountainy Kennedys may have descended has provided historical reference points. Against these the more recent occurrence of male first names may be compared.
nThrough the contributions of many individuals to gathering and sharing information the story of the Mountainy Kennedys is emerging from the obscurity of hundreds of years.
nThe revival of the Kennedy chieftainship has provided a focal point for the continuation of this joint effort by the descendants of the Mountainy Kennedys

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