Practical Infection Prevention & Control


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Practical Infection Prevention & Control in Healthcare  is essential reading for all grades of healthcare staff across all healthcare settings, from community carers to those working in the acute hospital sector.

Practical infection Prevention and Control Content
  • Clearly explains the scientific principles underlying infection prevention and control practices while providing clear guidance as to the practical application of those principles.

  • Describes various micro-organisms and how they multiply and spread from person-to-person.

  • Examines the chain of infection and how it applies to cross-infection.

  • Explores the predisposing factors for the development of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) and discusses the consequences on both the patient and the healthcare system.

  • Introduces the principals underlying the implementation of standard precautions in relation to personal measures, decontamination and the safe management of waste.

  • Identifies the main blood borne viruses and the methods used that prevent their spread.

  • Examines the role of antibiotics, elements of antimicrobial stewardship and the importance of correct and safe antibiotic use to avoid antibiotic resistance.

  • Examines the different types of hand hygiene and the correct implementation of each

Practical Infection Prevention & Control is written for those teaching and studying Infection Prevention and Control 5N3734 as part of the following major QQI awards

Healthcare Support

Health Service Skills

Nursing Studies

Community Care

Community Health Service



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