Scarlatti SC30 C/G Concertina


30 Key C/G Anglo Concertina


Scarlatti SC30 Concertina

Anglo C/G 30 key, fretwork wooden ends,

plastic buttons, 8 fold bellows

Item ID: GR47014   Model No: SC-30
 Product Features
  • Fretworked wooden ends with an internal Acrylic board
  • Fretworked wooden ends
  • Anglo system fingering (push-pull type)

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 1.00 kg (approx)
  • Number of Keys: 30
  • Made in: China
  • Model Number: SC-30
This beginner’s 30 key concertina is absolutely easy to play, reliable and sounds great. The advantage of the 30 key model over the 20 key is that you have an extra row of accidentals on each side, which makes it a much more versatile instrument (as you are not so restricted to the keys of C and G).
The Scarlatti SC30 comes complete with padded soft case.
About The Anglo Concertina
The Anglo is commonly used for dance-music, particularly Morris, and Irish music. It’s also used to accompany songs, shanties etc. Each button produces a different note on the push and draw of the bellows (so there are two notes per button). The high notes are on the right-hand end, the low on the left. So you can play the tune with the right hand, and vamp chords with the left.
This system gives a much punchier, dance-type sound. C/G is the standard tuning found in all the books, and is popular in Ireland where the key of D is played across the rows. Listen to Noel Hill who plays this style. Bb/F is common in older instruments and is good for brass band work. G/D is rare in old instruments, but very popular nowadays especially with Morris musicians for its useful keys, and because of the deeper tone. Well known Anglo players include William Kimber, Scan Tester, and John Kirkpatrick.