Searching for Inspiration


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At one time or another, life hits everyone like a ton of bricks. Energy is drained, moods are dark, and motivation low. The will to live takes a blow. Joie de vivre vanishes into thin air. However, we human beings are incredibly resilient creatures. We do not throw in the towel easily. We have the potential to rise above the gloom and doom and fill our lives with fresh purpose and new resolve. We have the power of inspiration. We all need inspiration. Without it we will shrivel emotionally. Inspiration opens up a world of possibility. We need it as much to navigate the exceptional moments as to deal with the details of ordinary existence. This book is a tour de force and takes the readers on an exciting journey of self-discovery traversing such central pathways of human existence as life, self, community, leadership, family, nature, work, adversity, spirituality, hope, etc., and, with the help of up-to-date research in the fields, shows how they can all become instruments of profound inspiration. Take hold of this book and you will find much fodder for the soul.

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Joseph D. Putti