How to banish the self-esteem myth, accept yourself unconditionally and revolutionise your mental health.


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How much are you really worth? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Would you like to achieve good mental health and well-being?nnnnWe live in a world obsessed with self-esteem and self-rating. Our young people are in pain… and no one is listening.nnnnIn this challenging and provocative book, bestselling author and GP, Dr Harry Barry, explores how the pursuit of self-esteem may be damaging rather than assisting us in our goal of achieving good mental health.nnnnSelf-Acceptance explores how this obsession with self-esteem and self-rating may be adding to the problem and discouraging them from developing emotional resilience.nnnnAll of us, especially our young people, can benefit from taking a different route to good mental health and well-being.nnnnOne that would leave behind the unhealthy worlds of self-esteem and self-rating, replacing it with unconditional self-acceptance, where we learn to love and accept ourselves as we truly are, whilst taking responsibility for our behaviour.nnnnA real mental health revolution.nnnn nnnn