The Dispersal of the Irish Kennedys Across the Irish Republic from North Tipperary

The Dispersal of the Irish Kennedys was written by Brian Patrick Kennedy and gives a fascinating insight into the history of the Irish Kennedys across the Irish Republic from North Tipperary.


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Many people around the world who bear the name Kennedy are descended from the Irish Kennedys. Their ancestors can be traced to every county in the Republic of Ireland and eventually back to North Tipperary.nnnnPrior to the dispossession of the Irish Kennedys of their ancient territory in the mid 1600s, a few of their number moved to nearby areas where they established themselves in various occupations. After the dispossessions the trickle became a flood and over the next two centuries they became established in every county that is now part of the Irish Republic.nnnnThe dispersal of the Irish Kennedys across the Irish Republic over a long period of time was an unorganised and organic type of process. It has resulted in the development of a mighty family tree that has many branches that will continue to grow.nnnnBrian Patrick Kennedy’s five previous books on the Irish Kennedys have covered the original territory of the O’Kennedys in the baronies of Upper and Lower Ormond and associated areas in North Tipperary. A further book, John F. Kennedy’s Irish O’Kennedy ancestors, covered the movement of the President’s people from North Tipperary to Wexford. Over time Kennedys moved short distances into adjacent baronies in the eastern and southern areas of Tipperary, they also moved further afield in Ireland across county boundaries in all directions.nnnnAbout the Author:nnnnBrian Patrick Kennedy was born the 13th child in a family of 15 in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, in 1940. He has a Master of Education degree from the Queensland University of Technology. He holds dual Australian and Irish citizenship. His passion for Irish History has taken him to Ireland on 26 occasions since 1993. He has written six books on the history of the Irish Kennedys.