The Haunting of CastleThurles


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I have always wanted to write about my own place-Thurles the town in which I was born, reared and grew up. Therefore, having been blessed with a long memory and can recall people and events of times gone by, this novella might reflect the lives and times of those gone before us. Therefore, I test the memories of those who may have lived through the fifties and sixties when folklore and tradition influenced every aspect of life’ – Bill CookennnnThe Haunting of CastleThurles is a reminder of a time when ghosts and ghouls Banshees and faeries were very real issues, when the wearing of scapulars the recitation of prayers and the constant blessing with holy water was normal practice for young and old, whole or infirm. The Haunting of CastleThurles encapsulates a manifestation of evil deriving from madness arising from inconsolable grief following the mysterious death of two innocent children, which were targeted by the Mickaeleens. However, the goodness of a humble devout priest armed with Holy Water triumphed over the deadly ghost lurking in the dark corners of CastleThurles.

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Bill Cooke