The Irish Kennedys

This book brings to light the determination and persistence of this remarkable family and explores their territory, their forts and castles and their way of life as these were interwoven with the larger canvas of Irish history.



The Irish Kennedys held their ancestral lands in Tipperary for hundreds of years while a succession of English conquerors tried to take it from them. Although they eventually succeeded in taking the lands, the English did not do so without fierce resistance from the family they dubbed ‘The Rebellious O’Kennedys’.

This book traces the story of the Kennedy family from their beginnings as an obscure sept on the banks of the Shannon River, through their rise to fame as the ‘Lords of Ormond’, to their decline as the last of the Gaelic Chieftains and to their dispersal around the world. It describes how the author in far off Australia was able to trace his roots and establish his connections with ‘The Rebellious O’Kennedys’.