The Patient Assassin: A True Tale of Massacre, Revenge and the Raj

The true story of a young survivor of a 1919 British massacre in India, and his twenty-year campaign of revenge that made him a hero to hundreds of millions and spawned a legend. Anand traced Udham Singh’s journey through Africa, the United States and across Europe before, in March 1940, he finally arrived in front of Sir Michael O’Dwyer in a London hall ready to shoot him down. The Patient Assassin shines a devastating light on one of history’s most horrific events, but it reads like a taut thriller and reveals the incredible but true story behind a legend that still endures today.


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On 13th April 1919, thousands of civilians gathered peacefully in Jallianwala Bagh, a walled garden in Amritsar. In the eyes of both the lieutenant governor of Punjab, Sir Michael O’Dwyer, and his top military man in the city, Brigadier General Dyer, such gathering were proof that a second Indian mutiny was brewing.
nBlocking the main exit with armored cars, Dyer marched in with his men and commanded them to open fire without giving any order to disperse. In the murderous ten minutes that followed, hundreds fell dead, and many more were wounded.
nAccording to legend, Udham Singh was among the injured that day, and he vowed to take revenge. More than twenty years later, in a Westminster hall, he gunned down O’Dwyer in cold blood to fulfill that promise. But what happened in the intervening years?
nIn this sweeping narrative that takes the reader across four continents, Anita Anand separates reality from myth to reveal Singh’s astonishing story. She brilliantly pieces together his movements, discovering surprising new links that takes us from Jazz Age New York to the shady world of international spy rings.
nThe Patient Assassin shines a devastating light on one of the Raj’s most horrific events, but reads like a taut thriller.