The Plough and The Stars


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From November 1915 to Easter 1916, as the rebellion builds to a climax half a mile away, the desperate residents of a Dublin tenement go about their lives, peripheral to Ireland’s history.nnnnThis educational edition, with the full play text and an introduction to the playwright, features a detailed analysis of the language, structure and characters of the play, and textual notes explaining difficult words and references. It contains:nnnn- The full playtextnn- An introduction to the playwright, his background and his worknn- A detailed analysis of language, structure and characters in the playnn- Features of performancenn- Textual notes explaining difficult words and referencesnnnnProfessor Murray’s notes, to be read alongside the full playtext provided here, will enable students to better understand, appreciate, enjoy and write about O’Casey’s greatest play.

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Sean O'Casey


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