The Story of Inter-Provincial Football 1905 – 2017


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The Story of Inter-Provincial Football 1905 – 2017 – Railway Shield, Tailteann Games, Railway Cup, M Donnelly Cup.nnnnInter-Provincial Football and in Football and Hurling under the patronage of the GAA began in Ireland with the Railway Shield Competitions 1905-1908. This was followed by the Tailteann Games in 1924, but it was the Railway Cup Competitions (Later Martin Donnelly Inter-Provincial Series) inaugurated in 1927, that inter-provincial games came into their own.nnnnThis book traces the history of the football competitions from the beginning, following their rise to glory days in the forties, fifties and sixties, to their gradual decline over recent decades.nnnnFront Cover: Action from 1954 Railway Cup Football Final between Connacht and Leinster.nnnn