The Stuff of Life

A collection of thoughts on the pursuit of happiness and ‘the stuff of life’.


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In this publication, Peg Hanafin cites Aristotle’s belief that Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. Throughout her impressively researched chapters, Peg provides us with profound insight about negotiating The Stuff of Life in all its challenges and opportunities. Her voice is one of authority and wisdom, garnered from a well-lived life, one reflected on with great clarity and honesty. Peg urges the reader to embrace and negotiate every aspect of life with courage so that authentic happiness is achieved without regret for missed opportunities. Peg advocates a life infused with Christian principles and values where the pursuit of happiness always involves family, friends and community. Readers will be enthused, inspired, challenged and rewarded with positive psychological approaches and many practical tools to engage wisely with the pursuit of happiness and The Stuff of Life!

– Dr. Michael F. Ryan
Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader
Department of Applied Social Sciences
LIT -Tipperary (Thurles Campus)