Tipperary Landed Estate Castle Otway 1750-1853


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A Tipperary Landed Estate Castle Otway 1750-1853 is part of the Maynooth Studies in Local History Series.nnnnThe Otway estate lies close to the village of Templederry roughly nine miles south east of Nenagh, and six miles north west of Borrisoleigh in the foothills of the Devil’s Bit and Slieve Felim mountains. The estate was composed of two separate units, Lissenhall which was outside Nenagh , on the road to Newport, and Castle Otway, the subject of this book.nnnnLack of information makes it difficult to accurately calculate the size of the estate in terms of its acreage in the early part of the period under review. It is known however that in 1852 the castle Otway estate consisted of 6,667 statute acres.

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Miriam Lambe