Under Crimblin Hill Volume II 2020


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Late in 2016, we came together to discuss the publishing of a History Journal. Following weeks of research, we invited people in the community to submit articles for Under Crimblin Hill, Vol. 1. We were uncertain of the response we might receive. We worried needlessly as the community responded enthusiastically and enabled us to publish the Journal in November 2017. That publication was a resounding success and copies found their way to homes, not only in Ireland but also all over the world.nnnnWe decided that we would publish the Journal every two years. Over twelve months ago we undertook the task of producing Volume 2. Once again the response was excellent and many of you submitted your own experiences and memories. People who could trace their family roots back to the parish also submitted articles. The response to the request for photographs was equally enthusiastic. We wish to acknowledge the contributions of all these people since the Journal could not be published without your generous co-operation.nnnnWe take this opportunity to invite contributions for Volume 3 which we hope to publish in 2021. You may also have further information to add to some of the articles in the present volume and we would be delighted to receive it. Ní neart go cur le chéile.nnnnSincere thanks to all who helped to publish this year’s Journal. We enjoyed compiling it and we hope all who read it will derive similar pleasure from it.nnnn- The Journal Committeennnn