Upperchurch Drombane Historical Journal 2020



Another function of our book is to record and give credit to those from the area who have given their lives to the betterment of their fellow men. There are dozens of missionaries who toiled far from home and who should not be forgotten. Lay people have also contributed to their adopted foreign countries. Nearer to home the bravery and sacrifices of local patriots serve to make our little gripes appear ridiculous. This year we have added a Yearbook section listing most of the important events in the locality in the past year. Please forgive any inaccuracies or omissions.nnnnOur photographic book ‘Twas How We Looked’, has sold over 1,100 copies and it is expected that the remaining few dozen will soon be gone. A small number of photos were inadvertently omitted from that publication and will be published in this and future editions. ¬†Finally, if you would like to have an item included in future books do not hesitate to contact us. One of the attractive points of our book is the wide range of subjects and writing styles. Everybody has a different way of telling a story. We will be very happy to get your story and our committee are there to help.nnnn