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Rufus Mobile PA Systems…Seriously Good Value!!

Just arrived into stock are the new Rufus Mobile PA Systems from CMC Audio. These are compact  powered speakers which really pack a punch! Available in three sizes with power output from 50W to 80W, the Rufus is a complete mobile PA system in one box!
The system includes 2 wireless radio mics-1 hand held VHF microphone and 1 headset VHF microphone with volume on the transmitter box and remote control for the media player .
It is packed with a powerful 50 watt or 80 Watt D Class amplifier which makes it lighter and more powerful with excellent quality sound and no distortion.
The Rufus speaker also features a media player with display, Bluetooth, radio, recording to USB/ SD card, 3 inputs , echo, rechargeable battery and mains and it can be mounted on a speaker stand.
These mobile PA systems are ideal for use in schools, halls, dance classes or even for outdoor events.

The Rufus Mobile PA Systems are brilliant value too from just €199.95 for the Rufus 8 (50 Watt) €249.95 for the Rufus 10 (50 Watt)  and €345.00 for the |Rufus 12 (80 Watt). Great quality sound at a great price!!


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Publisher’s Weekly

Many thanks to Sari Feldman librarian and columnist with Publisher’s Weekly in the US for a lovely piece on Bookworm in this week’s edition of the magazine.

Sari has been a regular visitor to the shop over the years and it has always been great to chat to her about books and bookshops and to get an American perspective on the ever changing book trade.

Publisher’s Weekly is a highly regarded book trade magazine in the US and as a small Irish independent bookshop we are hugely appreciative of the article, which you can read in full here.


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Thanks again to Francis Brennan!

Sincere thanks again to Francis Brennan for taking the time to visit us again last Saturday! Francis spent about two hours here meeting and greeting people of all ages who came to get a signed copy of his new book, ‘Francis Brennan’s Book of Household Management’.

We have lots of photos from his visit so if anyone didn’t receive one from us by email please contact us with your email address and we will send one on.

As somebody commented, “he’s a national treasure so he is”!


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Máiréad Nesbitt Fiddle Workshop


We were delighted to host Máiréad Nesbitt’s Fiddle Workshop at Bookworm on the 9th September.

Máiréad was joined by her mother Kathleen, Dad John Joe and  family members to introduce us to her new Celtic Violin Collection, a range of high quality violins and accessories to suit everyone from beginner/student to advanced/professional player.

Máiréad demonstrated the different models of her new violins and talked us through their quality and craftsmanship. These violins are all European made using solid wood, high quality strings and accessories. They are set up and tested in a renowned Luthiers in New York and each fiddle comes with its own signed certificate of origin

Young students of Kathleen Nesbitt and of St.Angela’s Academy of Music in Thurles joined in the workshop too and played along with many of the tunes.

There was also a Q & A session, where Máiréad answered questions from the audience on her music and fiddles in general. She demonstrated different styles of playing, different bowing techniques and the best way to keep your fiddle tuned.

The Butterfly Violin is the student model in the Máiréad Nesbitt Celtic Violin Collection. It is the perfect choice for any student who is beginning or improving the violin. The Butterfly Violin is fitted with nylon core Thomastic Alphayue strings which Mairead says are her new favourite strings as they are warm in tone and extremely easy to keep in tune.

The instrument is constructed with a fully carved European spruce top as well as maple back and sides. The instrument is assembled with seasoned ebony fittings, a German made Wittner Ultra tailpiece, and an Aubert bridge.  The Butterfly violin includes a protective lightweight violin shaped case, fiberglass bow, high quality Kolstein rosin, a Kun violin shoulder rest and a Tourte violin mute.